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Business name: Safari Ostrich Farm
CATEGORY:: Activities
Type: Ostrich Tour
About (Owner’s description): Our Ostrich Farm Tours is an unforgettable experience on Safari Ostrich Farm. During the tour where you will learn more about these remarkable birds and their fascinating nature. Your guide will explain every aspect of ostrich farming, from breeding to rearing.

Tours are offered on a daily basis, every hour, between 08:00 – 16:00.

Safari Ostrich Farm is an ostrich farm in Oudtshoorn, Garden Route, South Africa. It was established as a tourist attraction in 1956 by two good friends: Derek Fisch and Harry Lipschitz – both being 4th generation ostrich farmers. Our main concern is farming with ostriches on an extensive basis for the meat, leather/skins and feathers. Safari Ostrich Farm is therefore a commercial ostrich breeding farm with many ostriches, in their different stages of development, to see.

Our farm is about 1800 hectares in size and we keep our ostriches in camps according to their age. Special male and female birds are selected for breeding purposes and will be placed together in big camps to mate and lay eggs. We have 280 breeding ostriches of which 60% are female and 40% male. Our breeding season starts in winter and will continue will into the summer (June to February). During the breeding season you will be able to see the miracle of ostrich chicks hatching in our incubators. We prefer to hatch the chicks in our incubators since then we have more control over the process. Our big incubators have a capacity for 3000 ostrich eggs at the same time.

Safari Ostrich Farm boasts a beautiful old homestead build with sandstone called a “Feather Palace”. This stunning house dates back to the beginning of the ostrich industry when the Oudtshoorn farmers farmed with the ostriches exclusively for their feathers. The Feather Palace, which is unique to Safari Ostrich Farm, and was built in 1910 are named as such because it was built from the money made from selling ostrich feathers to the international market.

Safari Ostrich Farm is the first ostrich farm in Oudtshoorn and South Africa where the Kenyan Red and Zimbabwe Blue Ostriches as well as the local South African breed can be seen. We will also show you the second biggest bird in the world after the ostrich, namely the Emu from Australia and our rare White Ostriches.
Contact Person: Safari Ostrich Farm
Facebook page:
Street Address: R328
Town: Oudtshoorn
Code: 6620
Region: Little Karoo, South Africa
Telephone: +27 (44) 272-7312
Garden Route Meander Office Use Only
Registration Date: Sep 24, 2014
First Name: Garden Route Meander
Last Name: Office Use Only
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