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Business name: Minwater Eco Adventures
CATEGORY:: Activities
Type: 4 X 4 Trails
About (Owner’s description): "Minwater" (which means Little Water) is a private nature reserve and is situated 24km southwest of the town of Oudtshoorn in the foothills of The Gamka Mountain, an isolated range in the malaria free Klein Karoo (Little Karoo), between the Swartberg and Outeniqua Mountains. It is a rough, mountainous region which includes high hills and a big plateau. From the high ground one is rewarded with breathtaking views of the Eastern Klein Karoo and surrounding mountain ranges. Minwater is adjacent to the Gamka Mountain Nature Reserve.

We offer a real nature adventure for everybody - those who only want to experience the wonders of creation as well as adrenalin junkies!

Minwater caters for all levels of experience.

There are four trails to wit the "Rooiberg" trail, the "Steenbokrant" trail, the "Sandberg" trail and the "Kloof" trail. The full distance of the 4 x 4 trails is approximately 30km (6-8 hours).

The most difficult trails or sections of trail can all be avoided. A detailed route map will be supplied.

The trails have been graded on the following scale:

1: Very easy. Suitable for inexperienced drivers in 4x4's without low range and 4x2's with diff lock.
2: Easy to moderate. Some experience and a 4x4 recommended.
3: Moderate. Experience and low range recommended.
4: Difficult. Experience and low range imperative; recovery equipment and diff lock recommended.
5: Very difficult. Loads of experience, a serious 4x4 and recovery equipment imperative; diff locks strongly recommended.



This is a short trail of only 7km (2 hours). The turning point of this trail is on the highest peak of the Rooiberg Mountain range. It is a wonderful view point.

As a result of the mountainous terrain, the same route is used for the ascent and descent. The trail is fairly steep in places but the surface is reasonably good when dry.


Grading: 3

This short trail of just 4,5 km (1 hour) is a circle route. The trail crosses several dry watercourses, at least one of which requires special care. You will also encounter a steep ascent and rocky ridges. Some experience and a vehicle with good ground clearance are essential. Low-range is strongly recommended.


Grading: The "Gat": 4. The remainder: 2

The full distance of this trail is 17km (3 hours). The trail ascends Sandberg Mountain on top of which is a big plateau, from where one can see many a kilometre.

Two different routes are used for the ascent and descent of Sandberg Mountain. Both trails are rather steep and rough in places. Low-range is not essential. The trail on top of the plateau is predominantly level.

The "Gat"

This optional section is at the westernmost end of the Sandberg Trail. The trail descends into a deep ravine, "Appelfontein Kloof". The distance of this section of trail is only 500 m, but the trail drops about a 100 m. The trail hugs a precipitous mountainside. A stopping place or turning space is uphill of the steepest and roughest section of the trail (80 m in length). It should only be used by experienced drivers with 4x4's with low range and good ground clearance (N.B. grading: 4). Diff locks are strongly recommended. It is also strongly recommended that this section of trail be reconnoitred on foot before venturing upon it with a vehicle. In wet conditions this section of trail must be avoided.


Grading: 4/5

This trail is only 1 km long, but it takes one vehicle about an hour to complete. A variety of difficult obstacles such as rocky ledges will be encountered. One of which, the Wall, presents an exceptional challenge, even to experienced drivers. The Wall can, however, be avoided.

This trail is suitable for experienced drivers with serious 4x4's. Low range and very good ground clearance are definitely required. Diff locks are recommended. It is also strongly recommended that this trail be reconnoitred on foot before venturing upon it with a vehicle. During the journey somebody should accompany the vehicle on foot to 'talk' the driver through the trail.

Photo Nightjar Travel
Contact Person: Louis Jordaan
Town: Oudtshoorn
Region: Klein Karoo, South Africa
Telephone: +27 (44) 279-1285
Cell: +2782 481 3625
Garden Route Meander Office Use Only
Registration Date: Sep 24, 2014
First Name: Garden Route Meander
Last Name: Office Use Only
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