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Business name: Resting Bench at Kingfisher Creek on Leisure Isle
CATEGORY:: Activities
Type: Scenic Views
About (Owner’s description): Steenbok Nature Park and Kingfisher Creek lie on the northern shores of Leisure Isle in the beautiful town of Knysna. These small but precious areas of water-edged nature have a wealth of flora and fauna, and an abundance of tranquility.

Leisure Isle is a residential suburb, one of the two island suburbs of Knysna. It is 6 kms from the centre of Knysna, and is approached from George Rex Drive. The Island has a total circumference of over 4 kms, is 1.6 kms in length and .5 km across at its widest point.

The Island is surrounded by a sea wall, built of stone and reinforced in places by wooden palings. The initial building of the sea wall was begun in 1929 and took three years to complete, using stone from the hillside above Woodbourne. Because the shoreline is subject to continuous tidal and wind erosion and sedimentation, the sea defenses have to be repaired and maintained on an ongoing basis.

The salt marshes of the northern shores of leisure isle, particularly those of kingfisher creek show the well-developed zonation typical of the knysna salt marshes i.e. upper, middle and lower marsh. these zones occur in response to the tidal flooding experienced by the marsh vegetation as a result of differing heights above mean sea level.

The salt marshes play an important roll in the ecology of the estuary. Briefly they are a habitat for many estuarine species including crabs, mud prawn and worms, all of which occur along the Northern Shores. The Zostera (Eelgrass) beds are a nursery for many juvenile fish species and provide protection and feeding grounds for the endangered Knysna seahorse. They are also a feeding, breeding and nesting site for many bird species.

The upper marsh provides an important site for the degradation of suspended animal and plant material during spring high tides this material is deposited on the upper marsh where it decomposes. It is imperative that these ecologically sensitive but highly functional areas be nurtured and protected.

The Reserve is open at all times and there is no entrance fee. We are conveniently located and accessed by road 4 km from Knysna Town centre.

For more information on the reserve and Kingfisher Creek, please contact Steenbok Nature Reserve

Facebook page:
Street Address: Links Drive
Town: Knysna
Suburb: Leisure Island
Region: Garden Route, South Africa
Telephone: +27 (44) 384-1896
Garden Route Meander Office Use Only
Registration Date: Sep 24, 2014
First Name: Garden Route Meander
Last Name: Office Use Only
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